Monday, September 27, 2010

Point Reyes, Part 1, Ride to the Coast

Ten days ago we loaded up two horses and headed to Point Reyes, on the coast, north of San Francisco. Hot and dry at home, the weather predicted rain along the coast and coastal range for the weekend. There, on the windshield, our first raindrops since spring. The drive was nice and I was hoping that the rain wouldn't ruin our trip.

We arrived at the campground safe and sound, quickly set up camp, saddled up the horses and hit the trails with some friends who had been there for a few days already. It was very foggy and damp in the forest, so refreshing!

The trails were bordered by lush green trees, bushes and ferns. It smelled so good!

Back at camp, the horses are napping on the high-line. A group of our friends had been there for several days already. We all enjoyed a pot luck dinner and a surprise birthday cake for one gal. Jerry had made his delicious cherry cobbler which everyone always gobbles up. The group warned us about the persistent raccoons hanging about the campground, scavenging any bit of food left unsecured. One couple had stashed all of their food in coolers in the bed of their pickup truck the first night, only to find all of their food eaten or destroyed in the morning by those pesky coons.

We kept all of our food and horse feed locked up in the horse trailer. But in the morning we found raccoon prints all over the hood of our truck.

The second day was rainy enough for slickers, it was more of a fine mist and it was deliciously cool! We took an easy trail along the foot of the mountains, mostly flat, some wooded areas, and we had to ride through several cattle pastures with lots of momma cows and new baby calves. Not many pictures, my lens was wet and the pictures were awfully splotchy.

On the way back we stopped to watch this fella browse along the trail. Then he decided to mosey along ahead of us for quite a distance before he turned and disappeared into the thick underbrush.
After returning to camp, the others in our group packed up camp and went home. They all had previously ridden the trail over the mountains and to the coast before we arrived, it rained the day they rode to the beach.

We woke Monday to a beautiful day! After eating breakfast and packing our saddlebags with a lunch, we headed out. The trails are nice and well manicured, no dust, lots of green and even flowers still in bloom. So many wonderful trees, many of the large ones were Douglas Firs, and numerous Bay Laurel trees with that wonderful bay scent.

This is the view I had of Jerry and Cheyenne for most of the ride. Cheyenne was eager to be walking out at quite a clip while my mare and I were happy to quietly stroll along the paths.

We would catch up with the boys for some yummy green grassy snack breaks. But notice old Cheyenne, he is looking ahead wanting to be on the move again.

Some stretches of trail in this rain forest area were still wet and muddy, we did some slip sliding around on the steeper slopes. Lots of climbing uphill on the way to the ocean.

We loved these trails, cool wet and refreshing. Not humid at all. And No Dusty Trails!

to be continued.......


Michael Rawluk said...

Oh, my. That sure looks like the life. It has been years since I have been on a horse.

lov ya, mom f said...

big coon print on far enjoyed ride, even in rain...

Grandma Tillie's Bakery said...

What a fun trip! I laughed to myself when you said how refreshing the rain felt...up here you can get all the refreshment you want all year round! When the sun comes out we feel refreshed LOL

Your horses are gorgeous and look like wonderful, gentle souls.

Karen Deborah said...

awesome! I know your a vet but you sure that wasn't a bear paw?

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Kathy, you live a life most of us only dream of. I'm glad that was a raccoon print, it looked big! Wonderlful photos.