Friday, September 24, 2010

Point Reyes, California Part 2

The way was very well marked and there is a very large network of trails in this park. Hikers, bikers and equestrians with no motorized vehicles allowed. Many of the trails are for horses and bicycles only. We started at the Five Brooks Trail Head 6.0 miles ago and at this point it was 0.7 miles to get to Wildcat Camp on the beach.

The trail is drying out, the trees are further apart and the sunshine was streaming through.

We've reached the summit of our climb through the wet rain forest surroundings, and catch our first glimpse of the ocean. The narrow, slick-with-mud, steep trails were now behind us. I was giddy with anticipation......

We frequently dismount on rides to give the horses a break, especially on the steeper down hill trails. The horses seem to enjoy it and we get to stretch out our tired limbs and rest that part that sits on the hard leather seat. This was long, tough ride and we all appreciated the breaks.

Just zooming in on the coast ahead and below. My focus and settings aren't that great on the trails, most of the time it's get out the camera and shoot fast while my mare is walking along.

Cheyenne kept wanting to look out to sea, his mane blowing and his nostrils flaring. The blues were incredible but I haven't taken the time to adjust the color on this picture.

The remainder of the ride to the coast is along this two track dirt road. There is a camping site next to the beach that folks can hike into and the road is used by the Rangers to service the outhouses and check the campground daily. The road runs the entire way but it is a much more scenic route to ride or hike the trails.

Steep switch backs take us lower quickly. It is dry and windy, and the vegetation is completely different on this furthest west slope of these coastal mountains

Here we are, finally at sea level. It was lovely.

One last bit of narrow, steep path, just a few steps from the sand and the Pacific Ocean.

To be continued............


lov ya mom f said...

some ride. At times I found myself, holding MY breath and I was just looking at your pictures. was great picture on top looking over Ocean.

Jenn said...

The photo of Cheyenne with the wind blowing his mane near the ocean would be a perfect candidate to have blown up and framed. Adjust the blues to be brighter and have that one enlarged! It's gorgeous.

All the pics are wonderful, what a ride! If I took pics on my trail rides they'd be pretty predictable: Corn, corn, corn, wheat, soybeans, cows, corn, wheat, cows....nothing nearly as beautiful and breathtaking as yours!

Kathy said...

Thanks Mom and Jenn. They were gentle cliffs Mom, you'd tumble slowly to the bottom rather than flailing through the air off a steep cliff.
Jenn you made me *guffaw out loud*

Karen Deborah said...

wow what fabulous pics and I loved going on the trip. Seems Jerry and Cheyenne have similar personalities and a perfect pair. That pic of him near the water is amazing!

Coffee Bean said...

Oh my gosh... I could NOT even read the captions to these pictures... I am just GREEN GREEN GREEN with ENVY!!! I want to do that someday!!!