Friday, November 30, 2007

A Success

Surgery was successful! Four hours, a triple by-pass, now in ICU. Jerry will be kept sleeping and on a ventilator until tomorrow, when they will slowly awaken him. The surgeon said all went well. I am resting in his sons' hotel room after a nice long hot bath. I feel completely zapped of all energy. The 'boys' are wonderful, wonderful men and I am so thankful they are here. Two of Jerry's dear friends (mine now too) were here with us for the long wait. We are so blessed to have Jerry still with us. After a bit more resting, I'll call them to come pick me up to take me back to the hospital, they did threaten that I not call too soon, that they would not answer the phone. I have a bed in a guest house the military provides right next to the hospital. I will have to stay there tonight, they don't want me sleeping in surgery recovery ICU. He is at a VA hospital and I am totally 'blown away' by the excellent care and compassion we have experienced here. We may be here another 7- 10 days. I want to thank everyone for positive thoughts, comments and prayer.


MrsGrumpy said...

I just checked in and saw your entry from yesterday. Thank God he's okay (as he can be). I am so thankful. Tell him to take it easy and make sure you are getting your rest too. How scary. Again...Thank God he's okay. Hugs to you both.

lov mom said...

Was so glad for the good news today. I hope for a speedy recovery. I know it takes time!
Just wish I could be there with you. But so glad his sons and friends are there with you and you are not alone.
Give Jerry our love and best wishes.
You take care.
love hugs and kisses, mom

di said...

keeping Jerry and you in our thoughts! hope for a fast recovery! 7-10 days away from home...need me to come out and take care of the animals?!! love ya's diane :)

DAVID said...

Glad to hear all went great. Jerry's a strong guy he wont even know it happened. Jerry get well fast. Kathy take care. Love Ya DAVID