Saturday, November 24, 2007

Log House on the Hill

I have much to be thankful for, and I am! I limped through four days of work this week, with a bit of improvement each day. Celebrated our 4 month anniversary... yeehaw! Spent Thanksgiving Day with friends who did all of the cleaning, cooking and entertaining. Finally was able to venture out on a 'house hunt' again today. Ended the day with a turkey meal and all the fixin's with more friends. Now cozy at home, with my legs up in the recliner, I'll share the log house.

We found this cute place today. Months of looking at places and this is the second place we have seen that we liked at all. (The first place we loved, had an offer accepted the day we looked at it.) This is the front of the log home on 7 acres. The cowboy and I both really like log houses.

Pretty log walls, thick and shiny. Gorgeous wood floors. Decent wood stove. Lots of sunlight.

Pretty kitchen. Granite counter tops. Nice appliances. Lots of light.

7 acres. Large pole barn. 4 car garage. An odd shed. Another barn/garage building that Jerry says he could fix up as a bunk house for guests? (hhmmm overnight guests have to 'bunk out' ???) Lots of trees and pasture areas.

After looking at another totally unacceptable place, we said good bye to the realtor and headed back to the log house. I sat in the truck while Jerry went exploring around the property. (I am not up to any cross country hikes just yet) He came back full of enthusiasm, plans and ideas. I don't think 7 acres will be enough for that man's plans.

When he started talking about where to build the roping arena and chutes, I had to put on the emergency brakes. 'Um, what would the chutes be for?' "Our roping steers." 'um, I don't think 7 acres is enough for me and a herd of steers.' ...Just a minute ago he handed me his laptop and asked," well, how 'bout this?" What a good man! He found a very cool mechanical steer for roping. 'Perfect!'

Now we have to decide how much we like this place and how much to offer. Property is so grossly overpriced here, as is reflected in the market right now. But so rarely do you find a good fit. We'll sleep on it.

The foot hills are starting to green up a bit.

I am also most thankful to be blessed with great friends, family and loved ones!



Jenn said...

Oh, wow, what a gorgeous place! Beautiful, beautiful. You can do A LOT with 7 acres, especially if the barn is already built.

I'm glad you are feeling better, and I hope you continue to mend!

lov mom xo said...

Place looks real nice. I wouldn't mind bunking, in bunkhouse.
I have all crossed for you, if this is the place you want. I hope you get it.

Glad you are feeling better. Still don't push it on leg.

The Stevens Family said...

If this is what you want then everything that can be crossed is! It is a beautiful place and I'm glad to read you are feeling somewhat better!