Sunday, December 2, 2007


Jerry is recovering as expected. Today was a painful one and he slept much more than yesterday. His sons and I visited him less to allow him more uninterrupted sleep. He is dealing well with the pain and the temporary loss of independence and is stubborn about accepting all of our offers to help, which is quite healthy I believe. His grandchildren were able to call him today which brought huge smiles to his face. He spent most of the day in the hospital recliner, he is much more comfortable sleeping there than on the bed. I just want to get us both home.

The 'boys' leave tomorrow, early; I'll drive them to the airport at 5 a.m. Their flights are about 2 hours apart. I will miss their help, their support, and their goofy-funny-friendly antics! The nurses and everyone loves them. I wish they were staying longer.

This hospital is the most nurturing place I have ever experienced. I have met and been touched by incredible veterans of all ages and stages of health here. One day I will share some of those stories.

Last night I slept my first good sleep since last Monday night. Tonight I am restless. I was up and in the ICU by 5:30 am, I should be tired. I miss home, I hate seeing Jerry so painful, everything seems so abnormal and 'out of whack'. We will be here at least another week we are being told. I am so grateful and thankful that everything has been as it has been, he is alive and his heart has been repaired.

Tomorrow one of his best friends and wife will visit. He will like that. Jerry has many 'best friends', people like him and he likes people. He's a very social animal. Unlike myself and my need for regular times of solitude. Have I mentioned that I just want to get us home? ;-)

Please would all of you expand your prayers and include all of the veterans and families?



DAVID said...

Sorry I don't pray.But,my thoughts are with you both.Jerry will be up and running in no time.Kathy,I bet you forgot all about your leg already.Just think when you get home you can both convolesent together.Take care you two.DAVID

lov Mom ox said...

Both You and Jerry are in my thoughts, at most times.

Aunt Nancy, has Jerry in her prays and will have his name put on the church pray list.

Yes, I bet Jerry wishes he was at home right now also. But he won't like just taking it easy, doing nothing for weeks. To bad, he can't just sit and read a good book. Now would be good time to learn to take it easy and read.

Please, give him our love and best for good fast recovery.
lov mom ox

The Stevens Family said...

I'm glad to hear he is doing okay. I will definitely say a little prayer for all of them. Rest and take care of yourself also!