Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Kathy's Dusty Saddle

Yesterday started off quiet enough. It was a cool, foggy morning. I considered blogging about the weather.

Raven in a Tree on the Ranch in the Tulle Fog. Yes! Very exciting topic!

The fog cleared and I went out to enjoy the weather with a ride on my mare 'Rock'. This is the lovely eye that greeted me. I thought, "cool, a new blog subject, more interesting than the fog!" I created a lovely and colorful pictorial on treating an infected horse eye.

The weather was perfect for a ride, and since my horse wasn't up for riding, I saddled up The Cowboy's steed 'Cheyenne'. Which led to today's blog subject.

Kathy's Dusty Saddle.

Blue Skies and Dusty Brown Saddle.

Please note: all family members who tend to worry about me, since I am blogging this, it stands to reason, I am fine.
I feel like a horse fell on me but other than that I'm not doing too bad. The horse is fine too. I ended up spending the entire day in the Emergency Room yesterday because Cheyenne DID fall on me. I came home with some pain meds, some anti-nausea drugs, crutches and bruises. I finally remembered what happened, I was riding in the round pen, just at a trot, when Cheyenne stumbled and fell over on his left side, squashing me underneath. I remember crawling away from him and calling for help because I couldn't stand up. Thankfully there were a few guys here putting up a building. The horse just laid there not moving. I thought he was dead. Scarier than my body hurting was my loss of memory. Once it was determined I wasn't dying, they took off his saddle, Cheyenne stood up and seemed OK.
I whacked my head a good one. Strange to not remember things. I knew my name and the name of the friend who was there. I knew the horse was not mine and that he belonged to 'Jerry' but I was not quite sure who Jerry actually was. And I wanted to know why I wasn't riding my own horse. I kept talking nonstop to friend, trying to recall things. It was very frustrating, not remembering. He drove me to the hospital and called Jerry (who apparently I am married to) who was about an hour away or so. As soon as I saw him in the hospital, I recognised him and said, 'I know you, you're my husband!"
My chest was radiographed, all OK. I was given a contrast media I.V. and CT scan, no bleeding, no skull abnormalities. A very nervous EMT intern put in my IV cath and did a very good job. His hand shook and he was very worried he was hurting me, but I was a very encouraging patient. His name was Dusty.
When my pain meds wear off I have a headache,neck pain, my ribs hurt, my left leg feels smashed and my left ankle is quite swollen and painful. While the drugs are working, the soreness is minimal and I am very sleepy. I am taking today easy. We did hobble out to the pasture so I could direct the Cowboy in medicating my mare's eye. Which is looking better.
We looked at the round pen and found a deep soft spot in the sand which most likely caused the fall, I am not sure why the horse just laid there for so long. Probably he was just too stunned, I am choosing to think that he stayed real still so he didn't hurt me more.
Anyways, that was my excitement for the day.
My memory has completely returned.
I hope my ankle is healed in time for snow skiing.
So tomorrow, shall I post about the fog or about infected eyes?
Happy trails!


di said...

good thing those guys were there working! write about the fog...that puss looked disgusting! Take Care and rest that ankle.

MrsGrumpy said...

Oh how scary. I am so glad that you weren't injured more severly...that is bad enough, what you are going through. I hope you are soon feeling better. Go slow and please take it easy on yourself. Healing hugs.

amy said...

Kinda ups the argument for wearing a helmet when riding, eh? And for skiing, too!
Take care of yourself and relax. Love you!

lov mom said...

The fog picture was nice. The horses eye not to good. NOW, fall really not good at all. Glad horse is OK. Glad you were not hurt real bad. But sure doesn't sound to good either. Like Di said, thank God, guys there to help you. You take real good care, rest that leg, ankle. Don't worry about snow skiing. Amy said it right and as kid you had to ware helmet. Saves the head.

Jenn said...

Holy cow mom! I'm so glad you are okay! Accidents with horses are scary, especially the ones that knock you out. I can only imagine how very, very sore you are now.

I would say "wear a helmet!" but then I'd be a hypocrite...and I don't think the helmet would have helped the lying under the horse part.

Kathy said...

Thank you everyone for the kind words. nauseated and headache today. my vote is for helmet too!

The Stevens Family said...

I am so glad to read you are okay. When I got into my car accident, I couldn't remember a lot either, very frustrating. I wrote about my brother today by the way!

The Stevens Family said...

Where have you been? I miss your comments and your new posts. Are you feeling okay since your fall? Hope all is well and you've just been busy.

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

Anonymous said...

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