Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day Weekend


Sunday afternoon we gathered maps, lists of homes for sale, and headed out to look at properties. We saw some 'interesting' places, most of 'em we wouldn't want to live in.
We did drive by this old barn and cattle in a 'golden' pasture. Lots of character. This one wasn't
for sale.

Today we stayed home and relaxed. Jerry and I will be working out of town for a week or two and wanted to have some quiet peaceful time together. We decided to go ride for a while before it got too hot. We called our three horses in from pasture, saddled up and headed back to the river.

Remember the river? The Cosumnes River runs behind The Ranch. To refresh your memory I am posting a picture of the river as it appeared in May when we had our mini Extreme Cowboy competition. This one was taken as we charged across the river as a group. Do Not Try This Stunt At Home!



This is The Cosumnes River as it appears today. A dry river bed. This is not an unusual occurrence, by this time every year, it is dry until the rains come again in late autumn. It does make for a neat ride.

The river bed changes from gravel bed, to deep sand, to areas of odd looking red stone formations. It was hard work for the horses, I know this first hand. I got off 'Rock' and walked along beside her for a while, a very short while.

Jerry is on 'Remington', leading Cheyenne; I am on 'Rock' taking pictures. The horses spy a deer running up the river bank.

'Remington' decided he was hot, sweaty and tired of walking. He was down rolling in the sand before Jerry knew it.

After a long, hot ride, a roll in the sand is just what Remington needs. He waited until his tack is off and the ride is over.
Don't get so close to that fence fella!

Saddles and bridles off, a few good rolls in the sand; now time for scratches. 'Rock' demands her turn first and gets a satisfying neck scratching from Jerry and some love-bites from 'Remington'.

The End.............


Jenn said...

Looks like my creek bed at the moment! Completely dry. My dumb-dumb horses decided to take a little walk along the creek yesterday after they went down a bank I didn't think they'd attempt to go down where I had them turned out for grass in the back pasture (still not unfenced). Silly beasts. They knew how to get home though and made their way back to the back yard.

Horses sure love that scratchy sand, don't they? Itch, itch, itch, roll, roll, roll!

Looks like you guys had a very nice, if hot, ride.

diane said...

river bed question?
with all those deep crevices and rocks we see in the bottom, now that it's did you all run across when water was in it without breaking a horses leg? di

Anonymous said...

Is that all you and Jerry do is ride Horses? Don't you know, they make cars now. ALO Looks like fun.The horse laing down on the job reminds me of the time one of our horses layed down at the school with someone on his back.Do you remember that? I think it was Banner.DAVID