Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Road to Alameda

I have a couple of days off work and I agreed to leave The Ranch and head to The City with my cowboy. He accepted a new position with another company based in Alameda which is in 'the Bay area'; land of heavy traffic, tall buildings and one-way-streets. This trip he needed me along for moral support..... well not really, he needed me so I can drive one vehicle back home while he drives home his brand new Ford truck that the company is supplying. The company is providing a very nice hotel for our stay. The secretary gave me a city map and some ideas of things to do and see while Jerry is busy working for these 2 days. As we leave the hot,dry valley; the sky is overcast and the temperatures cooler. From the Central Valley, you cross the Coastal Mountains before reaching the ocean.

This tunnel goes under some mountains. There is another one that actually goes under the bay, which they call 'the Tube'.

Traffic wasn't too bad, the bridges and over-passes amaze me, I feel like a tourist with my window open so I can take pictures of cars and roads. Maybe I need to get out more.
The picture below is of special interest. Note the crane towering above the buildings. Jerry pointed it out to me on the way to the office. Almost a year ago he was up on top of that crane and slipped. He was holding on to a support and all of his weight loaded one arm, dislocating his shoulder. They lowered him in something called a man basket and took him to the hospital. We were dating at that time and he called me from the hospital, just to let me know. It was a strange conversation since he was loaded up on morphine and they hadn't reduced the dislocation yet. He did well; he had the Dr. teach him how to reduce a dislocated shoulder himself (one never knows when you might need this); and it saved him from snow skiing with me last winter. Our hotel is right on the bay and has a huge marina. This is my view from the room. Lots of pretty boats!
I love traveling and exploring new places. Every where I go I think of loved ones and wish I could share with them. You know who I thought of at this corner!

I found my way to the beach. It was a foggy cool day, normal for this area. That is San Francisco across the bay. I spent a couple of hours walking the beach, sitting on drift logs, listening to the waves and the gulls, and enjoying the peace.

This one is for Kayleigh! I was talking to her on the phone and let her listen to the wind and waves. I tried describing this guy with his kite and surf board, dressed in a black wet suit; it was cold out there, but sure looked like a blast.

Self-potrait in the wind.


mom said...

Hi, Been a while since you've been on, good to hear from you.
Getting good at sending pictures. The water and beach sure do look cold, but still nice to look at. Bet guy did have fun with that big Kite.Looked like it could carry him up and away.
Otis, a dog owned by your sister Sharon? Guess the, Dr is you?
Gee, you must stay out of the city for long time, not to remember how all those stacked bridges, for roads look, scary! Miss Ya, Lov Ya,

Jenn said...

I think I would have turned around and headed back to The Ranch at the entrance of the tunnel. Yeah, I don't do well in a car underground.

Love the self-portrait, you look great! Lots of wind, and it sure looks gray and hazy out, but I can ALMOST smell the salty sea air.

I'll show Kayleigh the pic of the guy on the surfboard, I'm sure she'll get a kick out of it.