Monday, September 24, 2007

Staying Dry

The morning started with Jerry's horse coming in from pasture lame, missing both front shoes. We decided to take Pistol the mule instead. His other horse had one shoe gone, Jerry replaced it at camp. We arrived at camp Friday afternoon, quickly set up camp,saddled horses and got in a few hours on the trails before the rains began.

There were four of us; Jerry and I, Sharon and Gene. Sharon brought her two horses and we worked on training her younger horse to 'pack', she did well. Gene rode Jerry's horse Remington, Jerry rode the mule, and I was on Rock. Saturday it was dark and cloudy. The rain held off until we had all the horses tacked up and packs in place on BJ. We donned our slickers and waited for the downpour to slow. It rained.....

Dark and rainy, but we kept smiling.... and we kept our slickers on....

Not the most picturesque of rides. Sharon's horse did a great job hauling the packs.

It was so dark and cloudy, my flash was needed for pictures in the afternoon. The horses eyes look spooky with the flash. We sure like that little mule, he is quite the personality, very sweet and was 'talking' to us a bit this trip.

Jerry and I kept dry at night in the living quaters of the horse trailer. Sharon slept in Jerry's cozy cook tent. Gene set up his bedroll in his SUV. We took advantage of the campground's hot showers after riding all day in the cold rain. Jerry provided us with great breakfasts and Sharon whipped up super suppers. I kept the dishes washed. We all had a good time but all was wet. We decided to head for home Sunday as the rains were just not letting up.

Jerry and I celebrated our two month wedding anniversary Friday. Just two short months ago we were camping and decided to visit the Chapel of the Bells in Tahoe. Married life is good!


Anonymous said...

I knew camping still works in the rain. I just don't like it when I'm doing it. DAVID

lov mom said...

To bad it had to rain on your camping trip. It's not winter yet, so why all the rain? Next will be snow.
We are having great camping weather here in MI. Sunny and real warm, infact hot and the pretty Colors are turning now.

"Hi, Jerry"

di said...

i noticed that case of Coronna by your tent. that could make camping and riding in the rain fun!?!?

Jane said...

Weren't you making fun of me a few years ago for foxhunting on a mule? And now you've gone and married a man who has one????


Jenn said...

Rain or shine, a day on the horses in the mountains is a good day indeed.

And the Corona certainly helps!

kathy said...

Jenn...AMEN to that!
Jane...Oh my, I had forgotten all about that. I am so sorry, I was SOOO wrong and rude! I will dedicate a post one day soon to the Mighty Mule!
DI! I cannot believe you noted the case of Corona! For breakfast we enjoy champagne and orange juice. Yes ma'am I do enjoy trail riding.
MOM , californians love early rains.