Friday, December 7, 2007

Home Sweet Home

We can see the storm clouds over the Sierra Nevada... which means... yep, we are home, and so thankful to be here. What was the first thing we did? Some of you will guess correctly. I drove up aong the pasture fence, called the horses, they trotted up and welcomed Jerry home. We came inside and were greeted by a colorful, cheerful banner, made by a dear friend. Jerry settled down in his recliner, fell asleep, and probably rested better than he has in over 10 days. I know I'll sleep well cuddled in our own bed again tonight.
This blog started out as a way to share the trips and pictures we take. Odd how it has become a journal of maladies.
It will be a winter of healing. I tossed my crutches away into the bed of my pick up truck about 3 days ago. Now I will concentrate on getting my squished leg back to normal. I doubt I will be able to ski this season.
Jerry has 6-8 weeks of no driving and then an additonal month of no physical labor. This will be tough on him. But he has such a positive outlook on life, he'll do fine.
We've talked some tonight on how very much we have to be thankful for.
And now I am going to drink a cup of tea and get ready to sleep in my very own bed.


lov mom ox said...

Welcome Home, both of You.
O yes, how hard it will be for guy like Jerry to do really, nothing, not even drive. But he is still with us and on his way to healing.

I hope you don't have any permanent damage to your leg!
Will you? Bet you are glad to have those crutchs in back of truck, not under your arms.
Sorry the both of you will miss out on snow skiing this year. Guess TV says, the Mts. are getting hit with snow real good right now.

david said...

WELCOME HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

di said...

so glad to read that Jerry got released! miss ya, love ya

MrsGrumpy said...

I'm so glad he is home, where he belongs.

Jenn said...

Welcome home, both of you. There is no better place to be, to heal and to rejuvenate.

Jane said...

Ya know, just the other day I was thinking of you... and Jenn... and of course me ;) ... and how we all face so much so constantly and never ever forget to count our blessings.

And I think THAT is what keeps the blessings coming.

Heal up, both of you. Know you're loved.