Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Thanks for the comments and good thoughts.
Last week I dropped Jerry off with friends daily while I worked. Kind of was like taking a kid to day care; leaving the house a half hour early, making sure he had all his meds, phone, warm clothes, trying to remember to pick him up after work, getting home late. It was good; he got to visit, I had the piece of mind knowing he was being watched over. He's doing well. So this week he is here, home on the ranch, on his own. He is not supposed to drive for another 3 weeks (at least), I have to drive him anywhere he needs or wants to go. This has turned out to be a very good thing... I am getting the driving instruction and critique that I must have somehow missed all these years of pretending to drive. It must just be my wonderful luck that kept me from tickets and accidents all of these unenlightened years! He is not to lift over 8 pounds. He is feeling feisty..... I have to be very clever about getting information. He bragged a bit about exercising with my 8# hand weights, I'll have to hide those now. I need a 'nanny cam'.
The news is on TV, bummer, they are showing the local ski resorts and snow and skiers. Dang. Snow skiing is such a passion of mine and I am most disappointed to be missing opening weeks. I am working at getting my injured leg in shape! We go to Idaho for Christmas week. The original plan was to go skiing with Jerry's son and grand kids. Now the plan is to sit in the lodge and drink alcohol while we watch the healthy folks ski. Yea
Three weeks later than originally planned... yesterday Jerry made an offer on the log house mentioned in a previous post. Another offer had just been made and now a counter-offer considered. We didn't hear back today so I am guessing that house has been sold. Our search will continue....
I just spellchecked (is that a verb?) I mistyped alcohol as alchol and one of the suggested corrections was 'asshole', how strange.... go ahead, try it yourself.
On that note....good night.


di said...

you crack me up. :) my fingers are crossed that you get the log house

lov mom ox said...

It sounds like lots of fun at your house, a man who feels he is lots better then he is and wants to prove it, by doing all the no nos. Have lots more fun.

Your house will come along and it will be just what you want.

Take care. Just be thankful that one day both you and Jerry will be back on those ski hills, together

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Oh I shouldn't laugh about that bad word but when I read it I just did. And then you said, "go ahead, try it yourself." and I laughed again. An even better way to end the day than looking at puppies, with a good laugh.