Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lovin' October

Shorter cooler days are here. Autumn. Rainy season. Chili, stews, soups and baked goods.

I love October, especially since I don't have blizzards, frozen pipes and icy water buckets looming in my future.

Today will be a long winded, probably too many photos, look at life here at our cabin this month.

I don't really love 'everything' about October. The rains softened up our rock hard ground which apparently our gophers find very pleasing. Mounds of dirt and gopher holes are not my idea of desirable landscaping. However, the cats and Cort are entertained for hours at a time, which in turn entertains me, so not all is bad. They'll even catch one of those bad boys now and then.

With the rains and cooler temperatures we have things sprouting up all over the place. Daffodils are peaking up through the soil, Resurrection Lilies are just showing their green tips, and pictured above are some new plants coming up in a couple of our rock gardens. I am pretty certain aren't just weeds but what are they? Any help with plant identification is welcomed. Thanks in advance.

Several plants are still flowering. My roses continue to be sad and pathetic, refusing to be photographed.

Vegetable production is winding down but the plants look green and marvelous, I think that they love this cool wet weather. The green pepper plants are still proucing blossoms and peppers.

We tried a new variety of squash this year, Patty Pans, and we think they are great. They are still blooming and producing and hiding little ants.

Amy planted a row of radishes a few weeks ago. They are thriving. I had planted some in the spring, they hated the California summer heat and did not grow. Amy also planted a few rows of lettuce at the same time but they have not sprouted. We had lots of lettuce from the garden all summer long and were hoping for a winter crop also. Oh well......

I planted two rows of carrots in the spring, they also hated the hot summer and seemed to just be barely surviving. I didn't give up on them and I have been rewarded with a spurt of carrot growth. A baby carrot! And it tasted wonderful.

This week's colorful bounty.

And then there's Halloween. I thoroughly enjoy decorating with scary creatures. One poor soul greats you coming in the gate, two if you count the dog.

A closer look, he's not one-legged, just angled that way. I would love to have a large stuffed buzzard or two to perch above him. Maybe next year. Perhaps if I tossed chicken livers up there, real buzzards would come pose for me?

Two Halloween's ago this critter was making friends with Dawg the Sheep, now he is Carson's buddy. Cort just wants to find gophers, good Cort.

"Some" in my family have poked fun at her. She is a witch without a hat, I believe it must have fallen in the river on her way here. And her broom, so it's not a typical witch broom, it is better than the vacuum cleaner that she almost rode to our house. I'm not sure if Carson likes the witch or just insists on being part of my scary pictures. Cort's off somewhere digging up gopher tunnels, good boy Cort.

Last week's rains seemed to clean the dust off of everything. Our sky really is this color. Can you just smell the scent of pine on this crisp, clear day? I can....

Oaks are busy dropping millions of leaves and acorns. I should gather the acorns, pound them, make acorn flour, and find some tasty Native American recipes to try.

HAHAHA I crack myself up. I can't even blog more than once monthly these days.

I bet that Jennifer would do it. ;-)

A little reminder of the BIG storm that we had last weeks. Tristan and I gathered this pile of limbs out of the front yard the day after the storm. We didn't lose any trees, just old dead branches.

May you always see the rainbow!



Courtney said...

Beautiful pictures. Especially love the one of the home grown veggies.

Jenn said...

All our stuff is dying and going dormant and yours is getting greener! Lucky you! Lovely photos!

I've always loved how you decorate for Halloween. I guess if I was more motivated I could decorate, too. Right now, a carved pumpkin or two will have to do.

di :) said...

nice to hear and see from you again. love that BLUE sky, i took some fall pictures and when i post 'em you'll see our grey sky :)

lov ya, mom said...

loved looking at all your great pictures and reading the story you told about each of them.

Wish we were just going into our good weather, sunny and warm.:(

"Hi,lov and xos to all of you out there. Miss all of you."

david said...

Nice pics. Halloween is the best Holiday. Darlene wants me to go get my stuff from Sharons to decorate our yard. But she lives to far away. Clara and me takes walks and she says people are happy when they have decoration up and the lights. she says we're not happy.

Karen Deborah said...

cool post, love the pics. Do you compost? those leaves look a bit like spinach.
Carson looks fabolous...and Cort is a good dog.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Fairly certain those are Calla Lily leaves. They die off in the summer's sun and pop back up in the cooler temps. I plant mine in the shady parts of the garden to keep them going full steam until frost (when they literally melt).

I, too, am thoroughly enjoying my Fall weather. That clear blue sky and nippy air makes me smile all over. A chill wind is to blow in tonight. I've got a roast ready to go slowly all day. : D

We lost limbs AND a tree last storm, but I was in Hawaii at the time so was spared the scary bit. I just came home and missed my tree.