Friday, October 23, 2009

Coloma Cemetery

This morning I visited the small local hair salon for a new 'do'. I like it. It's wavy and layered. I thoroughly enjoy my time at this Beauty Shop, an owner who says she is old enough to be my grandmother, I laughed and we figured out the dates and she could be my 'mother' not grandma!
Folks, both men and women, just stop in for chat and coffee. A real friendly gathering place, home-town atmosphere, good people.

Tristan had a short day at school so I picked him up instead of him riding the bus for an hour to get home. We visited the local thrift shop and I picked up a few bargain items to create more costumes for my front yard scary gathering.

Late this afternoon, on our way to the 'big town', we stopped in Coloma. I have lived in the area for several years and have never visited the Coloma Cemetery. We were on our way to a Haunted House and I decided it would a great time to visit the small local graveyard. I love graveyards, the older the better. You know about Coloma, right? The location of Sutter's Mill? The place where gold was first discovered in California and started the whole rush West? There's interesting history here, and this Cemetery is lovely, a wonderful resting place.

Several beautiful iron 'privacy fences' encircle family plots.

On a hill side, the trails meander up and down and all around.

Some markers are interesting indeed! I want to know this whole story. And what's up with the coins?

A few wooden markers remain, most so worn they can't be read. Someone recently had painted in the carved wording on this sad plank.

What a peaceful, gentle spot.

Tristan shows us the oldest grave he could find. 1850.

I plan to go back and spend more time wandering and reading.

Does anyone else enjoy visiting old cemeteries?

I had to stop to fuel up my truck, Tristan got in the bed of the truck to watch the sky and he was doing some wild dancing and singing, I caught this shot before he saw me and calmed himself!

No pictures of the Haunted House. The High School put it on and it was fun. Dark, spooky and lots of strobe lights, way beyond my photographic skills.

A good day and I blogged twice this month.


Jenn said...

That's an awesome picture of Tristan! "Where the Wild Things Are" is apparently in the bed of your truck.

I love old cemeteries. Remember the one in Ft. Riley that had all those old, old headstones? And the one in Manhattan near that church where we had our 4-H meetings? Very cool. One of my friends recently bought a property that came with a fairly large, extremely overgrown family cemetery. She's been cleaning it up, planting flowers, tending to all these "people" she doesn't even know.

di :) said...

great sky behind tristan.

yes i enjoy wandering thru old cemeteries too. we've got a pretty old one right down on commerce rd.

david said...

glad to hear your still enjoying life there. So your on the other side of the equator. We're getting into winter your going into summer.

Karen Deborah said...

two blog posts in one month just might be a record for ya! Glad to hear from you. i don't meander about cmemtery's much. When i am at one I do like to read the different head stones. Sounds like the "lady" may have been shot by somebody jealous?

lov ya, mom said...

I do wander old cemeteries, when have chance too.
we want throu some, I thought one was there in Coloma??? and one at a fort?
Love picture of Tristan singing in back of truck, with beautiful sky behind him

lov ya, mom said...

How about putting your picture on FB, now you have a good hair cut. forget the horse and mule.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

I remember visiting this place as a kid. My mom had a thing for cemetaries (I did not inherit that gene.)

Love the pic of Tristan!