Sunday, October 25, 2009

Coon Hound

Got out of bed, opened my window blinds and noticed Cort laying in the yard, staring up a tree. As soon as he spies me, he jumps to his feet and starts leaping and twisting and spinning in the air, all while loudly vocalizing an alert to a trespassing varmint.

Looking pleased with himself, but always goofy with one ear up-one ear down.

He doesn't howl, he doesn't bay, he has an annoying high pitched yip, yip, yip, that gets our attention.

She's b a c k...... every few months she wanders over, gets treed, then high-tails it out of here when we distract Cort and no one is looking.

She's large, she's cute, but we don't want her nesting here and raising a family again. Can't blame her for trying though, this is a nice place to live.


di :) said...

you don't want those cute babies hanging around? :)

lov ya, mom said...

They are real cute, but they love to get into houses and make a big mess. Diane do remember the mess we had with raccoon come throu my bedroom ceiling and one that kept coming in upstairs back window stole cat food and go backout window?

Amy said...

It's good to know that Cort keeps the place safe for the cats. Dogs can be nice to have around!

Jenn said...

Good Cort! Wonder if they make raccoon houses you can put somewhere far away from the house.

Coffee Bean said...

Too bad racoons are so destructive... they are soooooo cute!

Karen Deborah said...

Thank god for a coon hound!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and Jerry!!