Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hawaiian Sunshine

Yes, we did see some sunshine on our vacation.
I'll show you.

We started our mornings with breakfast out on the little screened in porch dining area. A canyon drops steeply beyond the yard green with jungle plants and flowering trees. I kept expecting to hear the screech of monkeys and roar of tigers.

The guest cottage we stayed in, nestled in the jungle. Compliments of Ollie.

It was cozy and comfortable and we loved our stay here.

Sunny skies and waves.

Sunny skies and waves.

We took a chartered sail boat trip, 5 1/2 hours along the south to western coast line. We were promised snorkeling, awesome views of the cliffs, and as you see above, if you look closely, abundant sea life. We enjoyed a large group of dolphins swimming along with us, leaping in the air, racing us, and just generally having a blast.

Jerry visiting with our captain.
That's all the pictures I have of our 5 1/2 hour trip.
For 3 1/2 hours I was puking off the back of the boat, just wishing I would fall in and drown.

We don't see many signs like this here in California. I liked it. I laughed.
No coconuts fell while I was being cautious, but I saw an entire village of small tent campers and their dogs........

Blue skies and green trees.

The telling of my vacation is almost longer than the actual trip. I am most certainly one of those who show way too many grand kid and vacation pictures. But the reality is that if you're bored you can just skip by and I never know the difference.

One more day of Hawaii, I'll show our two favorite days, and then I'll be on to other topics.


Jenn said...

Waddya mean, too many pictures? Naw. They are great pictures! Kayleigh squealed when she saw the photo of the dolphins and we all laughed at the falling coconuts warning. How fun!

It is beautiful there, and your little cabin is just as cute as can be! And'd never know he had such scrawny pale legs under the jeans he always wears. :P

di :) said...

yeah for blue skies and sunshine! love all your pics. i wanna go on vacation!

Karen Deborah said...

Japanese polarizing magnets. Once on a boat trip i was fixin to start the back of the boat thing, and this woman walks up to me an puts this round falt magnet on my wrist; WHAMMO the barf went back down. I kid you not! I know this sounds like voodoo but it stinkin works. I'd take it off and feel sick put it back and feel better. Being sea sick is right up there with vertigo, you know same results and all.
Not too many picchas you however ar conspicuously absent. So um can Jerry point and click too?
Looks like a great trip. Definitely not boring.

lov ya, mom said...

Beautiful pictures, don't stop showing them and good tales also, keep writing them.
How awful, on such a great sail trip, to get sea sick and sea sick, Yes, one does wish, one would just die. Worse then being, PG sick.
Never saw warning, falling coconut sign, in PR either.

david said...

Being SEA SICK can be good sometimes. Like when your out fishing. We caught two SAILFISH just after I CHUMMED. It still didn't make me feel better. Your whole life is a VACATION. Keep it all coming.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Oh please don't hurry through the trip! I am loving EVERY minute of it. Looking forward to more (and I even go back and peruse the former posts). Thanks for sharing. : )

I agree with Karen Deborah ... where's your smiling face?

Courtney said...

I am skipping the next post, not cuz I'm bored but because I am jealous! I want to go!

And, I have heard that there are a lot of people killed by coconuts falling every year and no I am not joking.

Kathy said...

Jenn, my rule is, you cannot comment on Jerry's legs or my legs. We are very sensitive.....
very. Thanks for the other compliments and I keep thinking it would be a fun place to visit with the whole gang. Only Kayleigh has to be old so I don't worry about her falling off mountains or into the ocean!

Kathy said...

Di,I wanna go with you!
Mom, Thank you! I am glad you have such great memories of PR!
David, OK bro, that just totally grossed me out.
Karen D, I WISH someone had given me a magnet. I have heard that before. AND I did post a picture of me on a horse last time. I like to take pictures, not be in them.
Debbie, I am honored to have you join me here on my vacation. You are sweet.
Courtney, I have never heard that before. But since we saw the sign, I thought oh my, I shouldn't stand under coconut trees.
I appreciate you all!