Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hawaii - Day Five

Continuing my travel journal, skipping to our fifth day on Kaua'i. I took pictures on the skipped days using a water proof disposable camera. Hopefully they will be ready to share in a few days.

The bee business was fascinating and we enjoyed spending time with Ollie, the apiarist, learning about bees and increasing my vocabulary. An elderly Japanese couple called, requesting the removal of a hive of wild bees they found in their shed in a cooler. The yellow globs of alien looking stuff is a mass of bees, wax, honey, and comb. It is a several day process to get them moved. I snapped a few pictures and then retired to the safety of the car.

Ollie suited up and went to work with the bees, note the absence of gloves... *shudder*...
We watched him work with his hives several times without the 'space man' suit, only a puffer of smoke to protect him from bee stings.
We learned that the smoke blocks the pheromones the bees emit to signal an attack.

An afternoon drive to the northern shore to visit another cousin. The evening before, heavy rains here caused flash floods along the rivers. The waves at the mouths of the rivers were quite brown with silt and dirt, leaving piles of wood and logs washed up on the beaches.

The rains and wind didn't look very promising for our next planned adventure.
We were on our way to a large cattle-horse ranch.

Another cousin of sorts, manages the horse trail ride business on this large cattle ranch.
They have acres and acres of green grass, a river, waterfall, pond, and canyons. It was raining as we arrived so we really didn't expect to ride, only to visit with the cousin. She is a real sweetie!
She insisted on taking us out for a ride, said that if we didn't mind the rain, she sure didn't. Said it would probably clear up in 5 minutes or so anyways. Jerry and I wore rain coats, she did not.
We rode for a while, got soaked and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The trails were getting real slick and slippy, so we did not ride to the waterfall in the canyon.
That's Jerry and his cousin-of-sorts. She is so funny and sweet and I hope we can get her to come visit us soon.

And a picture of all three of us wet riders. My camera was getting drenched, so not many rainy ride pictures to share.

Jerry and L untacking big wet Blondie.

I think I remember that we drove back to our little cottage, took hot showers, put on dry clothes and relaxed for a bit before going out to dinner.

In previous comments, I was asked if it rained all the time. I do think I remember some sunshine, we'll be getting to that.


lov ya, mom said...

To bad it had to rain on your ride, and on your vacation. Looks like it was real pretty and ride to waterfalls would have been great.
Bee learning can be very interesting, just have to NOT get stung, ha ha. fresh honey sure taste great. Did you guys have any?
Jerry sure has lots of cousins-of-sorts! Are they like third, fifth or twice, forth removed, Or just looonnnng ago friends, of family? that he grew up calling cousins?

JANET IN MI. said...


Jenn said...

The bee stuff is very cool. One day, I'll have my own little apiary and you can come over and hold the smoker. :P

How fun to ride in Hawaii! I'll bet the views were pretty awesome, even with the rain. Very nice!

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Simply lovely photos! What a great place to relax. Kauai was by far my favorite of the four islandds we visited, but since we were on a cruise we only had ONE MEASLEY DAY. We drove it end to end and drank in the beauty. Your pics bring back fond memories. I'm ready to go again.

I've been away for a bit, but it was so nice to come back and catch up with you, sweet friend. : )

I LOoOoOove that pink wheelbarrow the beekeeper has. Been considering beekeeping as a project with my girls -- thought about all the potential stings and the unflattering ... hmmmmm ... maybe not. ; )

Kathy said...

Mom, we had honey and honey macadamia nut honey spread. He sent us home with a couple. They are really cousins, sharing a great grandfather I believe.
HI JANET! Good to hear from you.
Jenn, now Jerry wants bees too, I'll let you know how it goes. Probably as fine as our garden this year. ;-)
Debbie, Thank you. 10 days wasn't enough to see and do all, we plan to go back too. The bee keeping is quite interesting, very involved, and how cool to produce your own honey. Ollie says he rarely gets stung. "rarely"