Friday, April 18, 2008

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Sometimes my days and nights get entirely filled up and I can't get to the computer to write and read. Other times the internet connection doesn't cooperate. Jerry's office is out in back and late at night I just don't feel like tripping out there to connect to his nifty little antenna gadget.
I was able to do a little blog catch up reading today at work. Some of you really are excellent bloggers. Bringing much laughter to your readers or some serious thought.
Tonight will be a quick write. We have been busy tonight trying to help youngest daughter of mine to get a last minute flight out to California. Yeehaw, (did I just type yeehaw???) mission accomplished. She was notified 2 nights ago that she has been selected for an interview for a teaching position that opened up in a middle school in a neighboring town here in California. An excellent position. The interview was scheduled in a week, no optional dates, she is in a state far across the USA, she had two finals scheduled the day before and a son in school. But she got everything arranged, we helped arrange the flight and she will be interviewing next week. I do worry about the reliability (or lack of) with flying these days.
I am excited for her. Well and maybe for me too.... Grandson won't be able to make the trip, he'll have to stay there in school this trip. I miss my grands bunches! I hope youngest daughter is the best match for the job, and the job is her dream position.
I should get to bed. We have plans for a big trail ride followed by a catered dinner tomorrow. We need to have the horses loaded and ready to be on the road by 7 am. It should be a fun filled day. I'll try to get some pictures. Good night and a sunny weekend to all.


Karen Deborah said...

will say a prayer. Will she be able to afford housing there?
Grands are wonderful and seeing them often is a big plus.

Darlene said...

That's awesome for her! I remember her saying something about the job opening at Easter and we are all behind her here. I'm very excited to hear that she has an interview. It's just perfect for her! Tell her we're thinking about her here and wish her the best when she gets there!!!!

lov mom said...

I just got e-mail from her, telling me about trip to CA and job interview. "I know the job will be hers. I Think Positive."
I really will miss her and gt grson when move, I only see them few times ayear, but still get to see them. Miss you also.
She sure has lots to do in few days before she leaves for CA, needs to be 1/2 dozen people.But she will manage.

An other great sunny warm 70s today. More work done in flower beds. Still lots to do. Then come end of May in goes more flowers.

Take care.XO, "Hi Jerry"

Coffee Bean said...

Oh! Wouldn't that be somethin! Iwill be praying that it all works out!

Anonymous said...