Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Winter Fuel

A fallen, partially sawed, very large Digger Pine, laid in our front yard. Apparently it had lain there for quite some time. Not attractive yard art. Fallen trees have significant eco-value but not in my front yard.

I should have had included something for size reference in this photo.

This angle shows the front of our yard. There is a rickety, decaying, rather smashed wooden fence that eventually we will be replacing. Woven wire fence remains and keeps roaming dogs and goats out and Cort in.

Jerry, J.J., two chainsaws and the tractor cleared that tree in one afternoon.

Several large wood piles neatly stacked in back.
This was only one of our fallen tree projects.
A log splitter will be on our Christmas list.
Same view as the first picture. All that remains is dirt and pine needles that didn't completely burn with the first fire.
Note the plowed yard, Jerry dug it up and has it planted with a pasture mix grass seed. We need more rain.


Courtney said...

At least you won't be paying a gas bill next winter, right? My wedding story is up if you're interested.

Jenn said...

That's a lot of wood! I'm scared to burn pine/cedar in our fireplace because the resin sparks so badly. I'm a whole lot paranoid about those sparks setting our roof on fire! I do love the smell of burning pine though, and will happily burn it in the bonfire!

Hey! You can have our rain! ALL OF IT! It's Kayleigh asked this morning if the rain is EVER going to stop and if maybe we should build an Ark.

di :) said...

I think Cort resembles Corky. Does he to you?

Coffee Bean said...

Golly! You are, like, living out Little House on the Prairie...only you've got heavy equipment and internet service. I'm jealous.

Karen Deborah said...

And a cowboy,..and a cute dog. Don't you love the smell of fresh cut pine? I didn't mention the smell of sweat, ya know on purpose, and the photos are beautiful. I keep trying to figure out where this landscape is, the genral vicinity. I ain't lookin fer ya. It looks so familiar. We lived 20+ years in Santa Cruz/Felton. Felton is famous for Big Basin park, actually that is Boulder Creek. One big difference from CA and here is we get a lot of rain. We have the Irish spring green goin on.

lov mom said...

Can I come live with you? I love all those big beautiful trees and green grass, lilacs. You can move one of your sheds to back of pasture for me. Even across the road, hill and trees . Is there a cabin across the road for sale? I will buy it. Looks so beautiful and peaceful, and so calling for me. Your cold, snow don't last long.

I do like MI really, beautiful, has everything, sand hills, Mts, forest, rivers, lots of lakes. BUT, seems winter is just getting to me, I don't like winter any more, cold, snow, sleet, it last for ever.

Take care, XO "Hi Cowboy"

Anonymous said...

What goats? You have wild goats in them there Mtns? Cool. DAVID