Friday, April 25, 2008

Last Day in California

My Grandson wants to author this blog on his last day in California. He chose these pictures to share.

I'm at the American River on a granite rock island. I walked on a small rock bridge that was overflowing with water. The island is full of duck and goose poop.

I was trying to catch a baby lizard, it went under the rocks, and then I saw something......

Two ducks, a male and a female, kept coming up to us like they wanted us to feed them.

I found a small cave that was under a small bush that was hanging out the side of the river bank and there were rocks inside that were lined up like a chair and I carved rocks in there, um designs on rocks, no wait, um wait...never mind.

On our drives we see lots of deer. Oh dear

This is a lizard I found crawling in the rocks at my Nana's house. My Nana said I couldn't catch one, I kept trying and then I caught him. She was wrong. (OK so 1 time I was wrong, says Nana)

I looked it up and he is a Western Fence Lizard. He has beautiful blue patches on his belly. I had to let him go tonight because I am leaving tomorrow.

At home I have a Brown Anole in a terrarium, she is fast. She laid 2 eggs and had 2 babies. It was sad when they died.

I had fun here at California. But I'll be moving here sometime in the summer. If my Mom doesn't get a job, maybe I can be a cowboy. The 'Lone Ranger', again.


Karen Deborah said...

Oh man, thought you were going to be super boy, ok lone ranger. My brothers and I used to catch blue belly lizards. we also caught little red racer snakes. You be careful looking under granite rocks where your Nana lives. you might just find a rattle snake. That looks like rattle snake country to me.
I hope you do get to come back soon. Nana is going to miss you and so will super dog!
Your going to make a pretty good blogger, partner up with Nana anytime.

Anonymous said...

The Lone Ranger, Lizzerd Wrangler.Glad to see you had lots of fun at Nanas. You'll be back.See you when you get back here. UNCLE DAVID

lov mom said...

I guess Your super boy, lone ranger, had a real great time, while in CA. He will be back, come summer time.
He did good job on making his blog.
I hope his mom had as much fun, as her son did and his Nana also!

I guess your new blog comes on right after I go off for night.
Take care, get rested up now.
"Hi Jerry" XO

Coffee Bean said...

Oh how precious!!! What a lovely memory to have.

Courtney said...

That is one cool lizard you caught. It looks like you had a good time on your visit. Hope you had a safe trip back.

Jen @ J&J Acres said...

I'm impressed with the sub-blogger today!! And the 'oh dear' comment made me laugh... I love the corny jokes like that!!