Thursday, June 24, 2010


She was found abandoned in Sacramento, I don't know her story.

We met her two weeks ago.

Our adoption application and home inspection (yes, really) was approved.

She moved in on Monday.

The 'foster mom' called her grey mare. I have named her 'Willow'.

Willow's first four legged friend here was Cort. He welcomed her by grazing right along with her.

She is very sweet and mellow.
Yesterday she shared a pasture with Remington and they got along just fine. Today I gave her a bath, pulled and braided her mane and fussed over her a bunch.
Yes, I know we already have a full herd, but no one else wanted her and I liked her enough that I didn't want to see her go to the "already too full" horse rescue center. I like her even more now.


lov, mom f said...

Willow, has found a great new home now, with lots of good new animal friends around her and kind humans also..

Grandma Tillie's Bakery said...

You are so kind to take her in! I love old mares, just love them. She doesn't look too thin, so maybe she hasn't been abused? We can hope...

di :) said...

abandoned, as in , just roaming the streets? you're such a kind person to take her in :)

Karen Deborah said...

you old softy. she has a beautiful face. what a great blessing to that horse she is going to love you back tons. it's so cool to be a vet and be able to give them care they need and not have to PAY for it. Your one cool lady.

david said...

I was wondering the same as Diane.I still need to come down there and get adopted..:)

Jenn said...

Oh, what a lucky mare! She has a very kind eye and looks like all she wants is to be loved and fussed over.

I LOVE her name, by the way.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

If I were an abandoned horse I would want to be adopted by you. How lucky Willow is. I love that first photo of her. She does look very sweet.