Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Let's go to the Zoo!

I like animals; I work with them, I live with them, and I go visit animals on summer vacation days. I had the day off yesterday and asked Tristan if there was anything he'd like to do together, he chose the Zoo. So come along with us to the Sacramento Zoo. It's a sunny day and the temps are in the high 80s.

The reptile house is always a favorite. We kept our eyes on this fella for quite a while. No blinking, no noticeable signs of respiration, no movement at all.

Look at those cute tiny nostrils and bitty toes.

Pretty in pink.

I like these stripes, and horns, and what a lovely eye.

Something up there is bringing a smile to Tristan's face.

A chimp! And Tristan was bringing a smile to his face. (Or maybe he was chewing on his lunch.)

I love Lemurs.

Did Tristan grow green peacock feathers?

She looks deep in thought.

.......wondering "does this pattern make my bottom look big?"

Momma and her March baby. aaahhhhh

Snow leopard napping.
I hope you enjoyed our little field trip. So, does anyone know what kind of animal is in picture #4? Just wondering if you know. There's no prize if you guess, but give it a try. Hint, not a native animal of North America.
I'll post again tomorrow, I have a surprise to share.
Happy Trails.


Karen Deborah said...

I can't spell, Ibec "I" something. I love to go to the zoo. The last time I went to one in Florida where you ride around in a car and read about the different areas where the animals are really out in the open. No big cages. They do keep the predators apart from the prey for obvious reasons.

But girl I ain't neva seen a cute snake! give me the creepie heebie jeebies......shudder.....

di :) said...

i do believe it's a Bongo from the Congo :)

di :) said...

my favorite animal is the giraffe, but (no pun intended), i've never actually studied the butt before :)

Kathy said...

ding ding ding.... Di iss correct a BONGO!
KD> great guess! The Zoo in Florida sounds great. There is one similsr down in San Diego L.A. area. Have you been there?

Jenn said...

Kayleigh LOVES the Bongos at the STL zoo. We always have to stand there and watch them for awhile. She loves the reptile house too...I prefer to skip it.

LOVE the snow leopard photo! How did you get such an awesome closeup?