Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Winter Gardening

My daughter sent me this and I treasure it as my gardening slogan (plus it is cute). We are beginning our third year of gardening here at the log cabin in the woods. We started with red clay-like pine needle laden soil. Our first veggies were greatly prized but not very abundant.

With hard work, two years of compost, and rich, black, aged horse manure plus a whole lotta luck; we are eating fresh salads with home grown lettuce already. I picked the above bowl of greens this morning.

Amy attempted a winter garden this year. She planted spinach, brocoli and lettuce. Only the lettuce grew.

And it is growing well on the upper level of the garden.
We have a two-tiered vegetable garden. Last year the lower level supported a variety of squash
that grew surprisingly well. Early in the winter I roto-tilled several loads of compost and manure into the lower level, planning to plant squash and melons in the spring.

This is the lower level. Bunches of lettuce have come up without being planted intentionally; must have been from those seed heads I tossed in the compost pile the past two years.

Two weeks later these plants are growing and thriving, no work - all luck.

and as we know... my garden needs all the luck it can get.
Happy Trails to you.


di :) said...

now you need carrots cucumbers and tomatoes to go with all that lettuce

Jenn said...

Hee hee!

I wanted to get my plot tilled this past weekend, but, wouldn't ya know it..rain, rain and more rain. Oh, and some hail and wind and power outages too! I am SO ready to get veggies planted...I got out the seed packets and gazed at them longingly as I cursed the mud pit that is currently my garden bed. *sigh* Lovely lettuce...where are the radishes!?

Karen Deborah said...

I could use some horse poop.

lov ya, mom said...

I like your lettuce, like Di said you now need to plant tomatoes.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Yummy! I planted my lettuce a bit late last year. We dined sumptuously for a short time and then the whole lot bolted like rockets. This year will be different . . . or not. ; D