Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Peaceful Easter at Home

Happy Easter.  We four had a quiet, peaceful day at home.  My extended family in Michigan had plans to  get together at Mom and Dad's today and I hope each of you enjoyed a great day of visiting.  I also hope that your weather was better than ours.  Around noon the rain blew in on heavy winds and our moat is functional once again.   All morning we spent quality time outdoors together working on fence lines and stacking wood. An early afternoon dinner was yummy and enjoyed by all. This evening has been very relaxing; our wood stove keeping the cabin cozy, the scent of baking cinnamon raison bread filling the house, while wind and rain dash a pleasant rhythm against the tin roof .

I have spent two hours attempting to load some Easter pictures for you.  Most were pleasing spring-like pictures, honestly.  Very reluctantly, I have given up on them and what you are about to see are the last two pictures I had planned to share.  often Sometimes our internet connection up here in the backwoods  is frustrating and I just throw my arms in the air and give up. 

We had a busy month of March and once again I was stunned to find it was time to turn the page on the calendar already. 

Happy Easter everyone.  Peace to all.

Foot wear of the day.

No, not the full moon on Halloween.  This was our sunshine at it's brightest late this morning.

Happy April Trails.


di :) said...

nice red mud :) and why isn't there any leaves on the trees?

lov ya, mom f said...

Sorry for your ugly,chilly,rainy, weather, there in Cailf.
We sure had very nice, warm, sunny weather here, in Mich. Hahaha...

Had real nice dinner and visit with family, miss you guys very much..

Kathy said...

Di, some of our Oaks keep leaves all year, some are half leafed and a few older large Oaks, such as the one pictured, are just getting buds now.

Kathy said...

glad to hear that Mom