Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A River Runs Through It......

An alternative title could be, "Keeping It Real Here".

Or maybe, "Life Is Not Always Sunshine and Flowers".

We wouldn't have our lush, green grass, trees, and colorful flower gardens if we didn't have days like today. The Sierra snow pack deepens, reservoirs refill, streams flow and the good earth soaks up moisture, offering thirsty roots a cool drink.

I take you on a tour of my place again today.


A river runs through it, through the barn and stalls.

Having 1000 # four legged beasts confined for several days of raging rains makes for a mess, and an aroma, not floral.

The source of our river, the head waters; a quagmire; a sticky, slick, red clay mess. My lingering memories of a green meadow where does and fawns frolicked and entertained, fade as I survey the results of Jerry's current project.

I always thought it would be lovely to have a cute waterfall and pond and maybe even stock it with goldfish.

But nope, up here in the foot hills we stock our ponds with Mountain Dogs.

Not only the barn sports a river today, our house proudly displays a moat; a brown, flowing moat.

A small bit of a drink for the grass.

Don't even mention how plump the dog appears. It is an optical illusion, poor body positioning and a luxuriously thick winter coat.

What the heck? Do you see what I see?

Gross March Snow.

We are not at an elevation supposed to get snow today!

Maybe I'll stay in and enjoy my warm, cozy cabin. We finally found and brought home a dining set that we both liked, Indian Rosewood.

And this is the truth, so help me. By the time I came in the house, copied my pictures on my computer, then put the pictures up on my blog, the rain stopped and I just now stepped out and took this picture.
Happy Trails Indeed!


Lov Ya, mom said...

Enjoyed all the pictures, even your quick snow. but the mud sure does remind me of years passed, in our pasture, not fun.....
It is March, not April, guess you are getting rain showers sooner. So nice to see buds on trees and green green grass, rain instead of snow. OH YES, I am so ready for green grass and buds on trees and flowers and rain, enstead of snow. ..PLEASE... I love the last picture, of yard, so pretty there.

Jenn said...

Ewww! Mud! Keep it! Keep it! I'm tired of ours. I wish ours would sink in/dry up as fast as yours does.

The grass is gorgeous! I'll bet the horses can't wait to get out there and gobble it up.

Jenn said...

P.S. I LOVE your new kitchen table. GORGEOUS!

di :) said...

wow, fast weather change

Karen Deborah said...

HA the good thing about all that mess is that you blogged! 4 footed critters in the mud is a pain!
You really look flooded, perhaps a nice deep pond hole is in the future where everything can drain to away from the barn? Maybe? What do I know of such things? Nothing. Carson looks fabulous! He has the good grace not to lie down in the mud--smart dog.

Love your dining room set it is awesome. Perfect for the cabin. Our weather can change that fast too. It can change every ten minutes sometimes.

Darlene said...

I must laugh at that gross weather, because - well that's the only fair thing to do :P

The table is gorgeous!

david said...

I bet as soon as all the projects are done, the weather wont damage the ground as bad. Love all your pics. thanks for sharing.

Kathy said...

Thanks Mom, I enjoy taking the pictures.
Jenn and Karen, as soon as we saw the table we knew it was the one for our place.
Karen there is a huge pond dug on our place and it stays dry. LOL
Di, remember your week here last year? Snow, rain and sunshine in rapid succession.
Dar- and I laugh with you! Thanks!
David, we're saving a little stone project for you.