Tuesday, March 2, 2010

April Showers.....

Growing up in Michigan and spending most my adult life in the midwest, I would often repeat (over and over in my mind) the little ditty, "April showers bring May flowers". I needed the reminder that the rains and grey skies would give way to blue skies and colorful gardens, eventually.

As a reminder of the coming spring season, for my friends, family and 'others' suffering the bleakness of the cold winter days and seemingly never ending snow, I lovingly share a small taste of my winter with you.

Please enjoy.

A few of our newly planted Redwood Trees.

Manzanita Blossoms.

February abundance of daffodils.

Sweetly scented.

Poppies peaking.

Resurrection Lily greens.


Another Primrose.

Heart-leaved Bergenia

A bit of sunshine for those rainy days. (in other words, I have forgotten the name)


and a touch of Fun - gus.
I'll be back tomorrow.
Muddy trails here, but Happy Trails to us and hopefully to you too!


Karen Deborah said...

You blogged!! Whooo hooo and how pretty everything looks as I sit here just freezing! I think even my daffodils are freezing there heads are drooping.
I remember when you planted some of these. It's really nice Kathy.

lov ya, mom said...

Sure enjoyed seeing some of your growing pretty flowers, green grass and new trees. Maybe one day in near future, my flowers will start to come up and bloom. Still burried under lots of snow. only 16 more days, till first day of Spring, Mar 20th. hahaha ;)

lov ya,mom said...

forgotten Flower, yellow daisy, I would say?

Jenn said...

Yay! Welcome back! We missed you!

And you have successfully made me long for spring even MORE than I was already yearning for the green and the flowers and the blue skies!


di :) said...

how green :)

david said...

Ok, put the pictures back into their books, your not fooling anyone.

Kathy said...

Thanks you all. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy sharing life through blogging.