Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Weather and Assorted Stuff

My cowboy washes my truck for me.
In the snow. While I stayed in the warm, dry house.

Spring... and we had snow. At our house. On the blossoms. So much for living below the snow line.
I considered requesting a refund from our realtor, I desired property that did not get snowed on.

UFOs hovering above that outbuilding? Nah, just my trick photography.

Horse teeth. You can tell a horse's age by it's incisors. Really. And by this picture you can even make a very accurate statement about this horse's gender without looking at the nether regions. Guess how?

This is my horse on drugs. She wouldn't normally submit to having her mouth cranked wide open with a large metal device designed to allow access to her molars, which extend as far back as her cheek shows in this picture. Horses require regular dental work. Really.

OK, sometimes I do enjoy the snow. Especially when it is not at my house and I get to enjoy it on the ski slopes, with my daughter and my grandson.

When it wasn't snowing it rained. and rained. and rained. Carson enjoyed the snow more than the rain. Our new trees and the pastures and the flowers love the rain. Me too, until our roof started leaking, in the middle of the night, in the bedroom, right beside my side of the bed. drip, drip, drip....


It didn't rain or snow all of the time. The weather cleared enough during Di's visit in Feb. for an enjoyable trail ride. My nephew rides horses and snow boards, I miss you Kev!

It stopped raining enough for another trail ride. Tristan in the lead on the tall horse, Jerry and his good buddy follow on the mules.

It really doesn't rain and snow all of the time. I enjoyed a very lovely ride with a small group of lady friends recently. I need to get over my fear of heights, then I could take pictures while we ride along the cliffs, instead of being gripped in a panic, imagining plunging to a terrifying and painful death....

The snow in February was pretty I suppose and didn't hang around for long.

My nephew rides horses and snowboards and is missed.

The grandson who (whom?) is learning to snowboard.

I have sorely neglected my blog, life is just busy, and I feel 'behind' most of the time. There is always so much to do. Yes we are able to get out and enjoy life and I enjoy sharing that. We also are busy working and busy with all of the 'projects' around our log cabin in the woods.

Snow skiing and horseback riding are two of my favorite activities. I am so thankful that we have been able to enjoy both with good friends and family.

I am calling a hotel room 'home' this week. Excellent Internet connection here. I watched a little TV this evening. Very little, I don't understand the popularity of 'Dancing With the Stars'. The news continues to depress. I am so ignorant that as hard as I try, I cannot comprehend, not by any stretch of my mind, how going into unimaginable debt will save our economy. So I turn off the news, turn on my computer and blog. I get form letter emails from one of my government representatives. I disagree with all of her views, I reply to her emails personally, but she never addresses my concerns personally. All I ask is for some common sense explanations. Listen to me go on and on. See, it's better that I don't regularly watch the television.

It's time to go lay down and do a bit of reading, compliments of the Gideons.

Oh and some grandma (nana) brag, visit greenslobber.blogspot.com and scroll down a few entries to see my youngest granddaughter in her very first horseshow. Yeehaw.

Happy Trails, whether they be dusty, wet or rainy!


Jenn said...

Welcome back to the Internet! :P HAHAHAHA!! You got SNOW!!!

Lovely pictures, as usual, it definitely looks like you've been keeping busy.

I know the answer to the horse dental question...no wolf teeth! The last of Gabe's wolf teeth are coming in and his poor gum is all red and puffy around it and he does not like me touching it AT ALL. He so needs his teeth done...I so need to get off my butt and schedule a vet visit.

Anonymous said...

Close Jenn but incorrect! Wish I were closer, I'd be your equine dentist.

DAVID said...

Snow! YEAAAAAAAAA! Glad to see other people getting it too. Was it cold out? Like it was here. I hope not. We are getting rain now. Still cold at night. It will get warmer soon. RIIIIIIGHT. THE GRASS IS GREENING UP.The Ducks are back. But the pond is now a Sand Box. But with the rain it fills the low spots. Looks like a new place you are at with the horses. How come theres no pics. of you skiing? Do you really ski???

Karen Deborah said...

I guessed wrong, I thought only a male could have teeth that needed cleaning that bad. you know whitening for the horsie! No Carson pictures? Not one?
Happy trails to you too! We have sun and rain and humidity already...
Snow is nice for sleeping.
It's always nice when you do show up it's ok if you only come around once a month.
I can't blog as much either.

Lov Ya Mom said...

Glad to read all is OK. Been awhile heard from you. gee, sounds like you are back living in MI, with the rain and snow, haha. Real nice pictures, enjoy looking at them. We do need to have some pictures of you also.
I agree, TV most the time not worth watching.
Miss all of you Guys.
"Hi, To All"

Jenn said...

Uh oh. I better brush up on my equine dental knowledge. Waiting for the answer! I went back to the picture and couldn't figure it out.

I wish you were closer too! Or vice versa.

You guys want the girls any time this summer? We are making summer camp/vacation plans and I'm wondering when I can ship them off to you. :P

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Lovely to get a catch-me-up peek into your special days . . which may include snow (albeit well-behaved snow that disappears quickly without effort). : D

di :) said...

more snow, not in sunny blue skies CA!
I see Carson in the 7th picture!
don't know the horse gender question?
kev and i miss you all too!


nice pics............... aunt kathy. LOVEE YAAAA!

Coffee Bean said...

Wonderful pictures! Y'all got some green already! I'm jealous. We aren't quite there. Our last snowfall is usually in May and we aren't supposed to plant flowers and such until after Memorial Day.

Those horse teeth are plumb nasty. Ewwwww!!! Our old dog has some nasty teeth. It drives me crazy!

lov Ya xo, mom said...

we had rain and then turned to snow today, maybe half inch on ground. windy also. Our trees and bushes are showing green, I saw it while out taking my yard walk yesterday. Plus did clear little of the old stuff out of one flower bed, but not to much, just knew it would snow some more. I found lots of mole holes and trails, in my flowers, so think I will have lost, lots of flower to them. darn.
In front yard seems the whole front is nothing but mole trails and holes.But I haven't found any grubs, anytime in my flowers or yard!
"Hi, to everyone, love and kisses also"

Coffee Bean said...

Got something for you on my blog!

Anonymous said...

why haven't you updated this in FOREVER! I miss you and want some updates! just lettin' you know.
miss you! love Tami.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Holy Moley! I will never say someone has horse teeth again, it is a major insult. Amazing photos, loved all the horse ones--I'm jealous in a major way.

Karen Deborah said...

Happy Mothers Day you are missed sweet friend and I am sure your life is full and good! Hope your day was special and full of family and joy.

Clair said...

So stumbled across your blog while googling horse incisors. Its a mare because she only has tiny canine teeth. A lot of mares don't get any. I am guessing she is about 8 or 9 based on the fact she has all her incisors and the cups have gone from the centrals but are still on the laterals and corners? Was she 8 or 9 when that pic was taken?

Anonymous said...

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