Sunday, March 1, 2009

March First

I just spent an hour composing my Best Blog Post ever. I pressed publish post and lost it forever. It was lost even though blogger was supposedly saving it. Oh well. *sigh*
February was a fast and busy month. This will be a fast and busy post.
Last month we planted our mini orchard, built more rock flower beds, I spent a week out of town working, I spent a couple days in Las Vegas at a conference, my sister and nephew came to visit for a week, we snow skied once, have been trail riding a few times, have had lots of rain, enjoyed some warm sunny days also, the green grass is thick and growing, the flowers are blooming, Carson is blooming also, we are all well and healthy.
Life is good.
Today has been grey, windy and rainy. A lovely day, relaxing and restful. A warm house, a pot of bean soup and pan of warm cornbread. Perfect indeed.


lov ya, mom said...

Glad to see you back on, wonder if out of town working!
Computers can be a real pain, get good message ready and send it, only to lose it, darn.
No way we can go out and work in flower beds or dig in dirt, still frozen hard. Real cold here, no real snow left, but for were the plows left high piles in parking lots. Have had lite fluffy flakes of snow last couple days, but doesn't stay on anything.Seems like winter has been here forever, so tired of it. Need to see warm sun, we do have sun BUT not warm, feel warm sun, on my back, while playing, in my flowerbeds. NO flowers blooming her.
We are fine other wise.
Would love to be at the place in BBQ blog.
"Hi,to all XOs"
Take care

Jenn said...

You have been busy! Sunday was 31 degrees with 30+mph winds here. I was getting nothing done outside. Too windy too mess with the horses (the wind is miserable to ride in and they all act like crazy animls when the wind blows a lot) and too frozen to do anything in the gardens.

I made a big pot of ham and pea soup and a pan of funny is that!?

Courtney said...

I'm glad to see you post, even if it was quick. I hate when blogger screws up & loses my post forever.

Karen Deborah said...

Your always busy but it's good to hear that all is well. Can't wait to see how much better Carson is. You did wonders with the horse. So blogger ate your best post ever, that just stinks.

di :) said...

oh where oh where did it go!!!!
(your best blog post)
any blossoms on those fruit trees yet?
Kev and I had a great time, we need to come in summer next time or at least maybe spring break to avoid all that rain?!?!?!
miss yas

Debbie in CA : ) said...

[Naughty, naughty blogger-beast!]

I ran alongside you in this post of great brevity -- and longed for the strolling version.

Bean soup and cornbread . . . life is good. : D

LadiesoftheHouse said...

Your post made me miss riding! I had horses for so long and now I don't even have one near enough to smell their good smells...

Hey if you ever have time please post your cornbread recipe. I long for good cornbread but mine always turns out dry.

Blogger should be renamed Bugger sometimes LOL

Karen Deborah said...

so you lost yer post write another one. and while your at it enter my contest.