Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Marine World

Tristan's choice of water ride, looks tame enough, but aren't all those folks wet?!

This looks like it may be a wet one....

All wet and happy about it.
Killer whale tongue. Front row seats and all wet again.

Cute little guy with a yucky eye. Many of their animals are rescues.

This one was laughing.

Yummy frozen drink, someone dove right into the whipped cream.

I'm not really sure about this one. Frozen mouth I believe.

The boy was really 'into' this frozen treat!

Bird viciously attacking rubber snake.

Performing dolphin.

Summer vacation is quickly coming to it's end. Grandson Tristan has moved to town and will be starting his new school soon. He is a little upset that he starts next week and his old school in Michigan doesn't start until September. Maybe he is feeling a bit cheated out of vacation days.

This fun-loving Nana suggested a trip to Six Flags Marine World. The idea was a hit. Amy, Tristan and I spent yesterday at the park. Jerry didn't mind that we went without him, not his 'cuppa tea'

We enjoyed marine shows, a cute bird show, the Shark Display, Zoo animals, Sea Creatures, rode Tristan's choice of Roller Coaster FOUR times, Tristan's choice of water ride TWO times but, he refused to ride our choice of Roller Coaster. Amy and I rode the 'looped, upside down curves, feet dangling in the air' Roller Coaster. It was a blast! Today Tristan proclaimed that 'next time' he'll ride one of the big ones with us. We'll see......

Today I wimped out and did not work outdoors in the heat. I cleaned house. Tristan wants to ride horses so bad, but it is just too hot. A night-time, full moon ride would be fun.

We are enjoying fresh lettuce and tomatoes from our garden daily now. The other veggies aren't so great. Next year we'll enrich this poor garden soil before we plant.

The deer have been savoring the flavors of many of my flowers. So the flowers are in cages now and the deer are behaving. ( I can't believe this ranch dog of ours allows deer on the property.) We've been pleasantly surprised by some of the late blooms and blossoms that appear.


Courtney said...

It looks like you guys had a good time! Enjoy the rest of your summer vacation.

di :) said...

kevin said..."tristan feels cheated out of summer vacation>>>try having 60 hours of homework to do over what is supposed to be your summer vacation!!! :( love you guys

di :) said...

i've got a few tomato plants in pots and i've had 2 tomatos so far!! Green thumb i'm not!

lov mom said...

I lov all roller coaster rides and water rides. glad Tristan got to have fun before school starts, To soon. I'm with him, school needs to start end Sept.His frozen drink looks yummy.

So the kids have moved to what town? Will Amy be subbing in same school, her son goes to?

Take care. "Hi Jerry" Miss you all. XOs