Friday, August 15, 2008

A Country Morning

Oops, she finally notices that she is being watched.

She's outta here....

There are two youngsters.

They stop to check out their surroundings before leaping the fence and disappearing into the woods.

Amy and I enjoyed a relaxing morning sipping our coffee and conversing with Tristan. Jerry is off somewhere on a job site.

The kittens entertained us by racing around the house with Cort.

The heat is on early today, supposed to reach a high of 105. We closed the windows and turned on fans by 9:00 am.

Tristan spied two young deer in the front yard. He has heard me moan and groan about the flowers being destroyed by the deer and he was ready to find Cort and send those deer on their way. But I held him back, 'let's just watch them for a bit', they were only nibbling grass not flowers. I do think they were the twin fawns that would visit daily with their mama back in February when we first moved in. We had fewer fences then, no dog, no flowers and we enjoyed daily deer visits.

I grabbed my camera,we slipped out on the front porch and enjoyed their presence for a few minutes until they noticed that they had 'company'.

I wish they didn't enjoy geraniums and roses so very much.........


Coffee Bean said...

oooh... I blogged about our weather too! Hmmmm... first time I've read your blog and was glad I am where I am!

I just love deer!

di :) said...

Kev and I watched some squirrels play in our yard today!

lov mom said...

I would like to be sitting with you, tristan and Amy, watching all the deer and enjoying cup of coffee.
I am ready to let someone come dig up all my flowers and take them home. My old hands and feet, keep telling me, "NO more." The pain not worth it, I don't enjoy playing in flower beds any more.

XOs for everyone- take care

Karen Deborah said...

What a lovely post. It's so good to enjoy the gits of life, to take a moment and just rest and wonder at the beautiful world we are in.

Courtney said...

Great pictures.

Jenn said...

You need to plant flowers they don't like to eat...or, plant a little "food plot" for them on the far side of the property to keep them away from the pretty flowers.

david said...

I love Deer too. Mmmmmmmmm GOOD.