Tuesday, March 11, 2008


This is how I enjoy my time off. When work is done for the day and I am ready to relax. It's a winter (well almost Spring) afternoon and the trees are full of blossoms.

This old wooden swing is hung from an Oak branch in the side yard. It has character, it creaks, and it offers a pleasing view of our yard. I plan to spend some time just swinging and listening to the quiet of the afternoon.

The horses are loose, enjoying the afternoon exploring the yard. We are fully fenced and I let them out of their pasture to wander and graze. I find it peaceful and entertaining to watch horses. It doesn't take 'Rock' long to find me. She's headed over to visit and where she goes, 'Remington' follows.

Here she comes, she enjoys human contact. 'Rem', the old boy thinks the green grass is much more enjoyable.

'Rock' is very curious and likes to sniff my shoes, my hands, my hair. Sometimes after sniffing, she'll lick my feet, odd mare. I like to smell horses too, but never lick their feet (hooves).

Is she thinking, "Cool swing, I think I'll sniff it for a while."? Probably not.

OK, when I relax, I'm lazy, I didn't even brush the old leaf litter from the swing. 'Rock' sniffs the leaves for a moment. I can tell she's thinking, "These dry, crunchy leaves sure sound and smell Yummy!" I know she is going to lick them.

"Yuck, Bleck, Icky, Spit-Spit Spit it all out!"
And that's how I relax and laugh a bit.


lov ya, mom said...

I love your hanging swing and all the nice green grass and flowering trees.
I remember how much fun it was to watch the horses. Try to think of just what they are thinking. I do this with Kitty all the time. Nothing better to do, ha. Wish I knew what all her different sounds meant, and she has lots of them.

No flowering or green trees or anything here in MI. Still cold and snow on ground.
Like the pictures keep them coming.
Take care xo "Hi Jerry"

Jenn said...

Oooh...what a lovely seat to have! What a wonderful way to spend a beautiful day. Great photos! Mares are so funny...I've yet to meet a gelding quite as interested in us as mares are. The geldings would rather eat! Typical.

Calypso is like Rock. If I'm in the pasture, she's right there nosing in my hair or licking my arm and standing right in the way when I'm trying to clean poop or scrub a tank. So funny. She lets me know where she's itchy, too, and if I don't scratch exactly the right spot, she adjusts herself until I do find the right spot.

I'm all jealous of your flowering trees! And I thought we were doing good with the daffodils coming up and a hint of green grass starting to pop up out of the mud.

di :) said...

uh...to just relax!!! wish i were there!

Courtney said...

I'm going to come relax with you!

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

If I say, "I am not jealous," enough times maybe it will work.