Tuesday, January 17, 2012


This morning's chores included breaking the layer of ice on the horse, mule and dog water buckets. Thankfully, no frozen or broken water pipes or lines.
Water lines are shallow here and pipes rather exposed because we just really don't get much in the way of freezing weather.

So most of the plants which appeared perky and blooming just yesterday, have frozen into a wilted mass. Even the gnome looks cold.

I have bunches of these also melted and mushy looking.

Our little hummers don't migrate, they hang around all winter. This cutie pie has been teasing the boys lately, I've been watching their antics and know their regular hangouts.

Not so brightly colored in the early morning light. This fellow perches high in an oak tree just behind the house. He's quite tame and will feed with me standing very close. He is also very vocal and quite aggressive chasing the other hummingbirds about.

They perch on their tiny branches all night long, while their heart rates and body temperatures drop very low. In the first morning light they start moving, their little hummer metabolism speeds up and they quickly need to feed. I didn't actually take a Hummingbird's temperature or heart rate myself, of course you knew that. I have several feeders out and will make sure there is always plenty of liquid energy available. They just seem so fragile, I feel bad for them out there in the cold.

....and glad to come in and warm myself in front of a toasty fire.
The cold weather is supposed to continue and we are hoping for the rain that looks promising within the next few days. Things are very dry here, this is supposed to be our rainy season.

Keep warm.


Annie said...

We just got dumped on here in the Pacific Northwest! I am loving the snow! Your gnome would probably be very cold here. He would probably be banging on the door to be let inside by the wood stove. :)

We are at my parents' right now because they have a wood stove and plus it's a lot of fun to spend the night. I will be posting lots of pics of the snow on my blog soon.

I hope your plants bounce back from the cold.

Jenn said...

Your plants look so so sad. I didn't know hummers could tolerate freezing temps...ours all leave well before it starts getting frigid. Poor little guy looks all fluffy and cold and your fire looks TOASTY!

P.S. I'm so, so glad I don't have to break ice on water buckets..thank goodness someone invented tank heaters!

di :) said...

that fire looks nice about now...we got COLD last night with wind chill this morning it was 2 fahrenheit. the lake still isn't frozen tho.

Karen Deborah said...

ah the ice on the buckets so did you get grumpy? your fire looks very inviting it is 30 degrees and I'm frozen. Your planta may recover they aren't snot. water them and cover them.
the dog had no bugs....good deal.
will hummers go into a birdhouse of some type if they are cold?