Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Felidae Felis domestica

Hhhmmmmm, not a cat; but very, very cute. The littlest (medium-size) grand daughter and I visited him/her at the Sacramento Zoo this summer.

Well..... this isn't a cat either, but I threw in this picture anyways. Any guesses? This tree reaches over our roof.

OK, I should change the title of this post. I realize that not everybody is fond of cats, but most everyone enjoys a family of deer out for a stroll in the neighborhood, so this picture is for everyone.

Not a cat.......

CATS: The original topic of this photo series.
Billy and Annie adore one another. They really aren't as fat as this picture makes them appear. It is the bad angle of the shot, really. They are actually quite svelte.

This is Tristan's cat Lucy. I call her Looney Lucy. Fits her to a 'T'.

Looney Lucy does tricks. Here she leaps from one building to another following her Mom's hand signals.

Annie likes Jerry the best, follows him everywhere, helping with chores and tasks.

Then there is Billy..... Billy, Billy, Billy.

We really prefer him to stay off the ceiling.

Billy and Molly-the-Shy-one.

Billy, bird watching.

I've noticed that Billy just can't seem to keep his feet on the ground, unless he is eating or sleeping, he reminds me of an eleven year old boy.

Side note:
For a good laugh today visit be sure to read the comments!


Jenn said...

Hee! You write the best posts, mom. I love this one! You take some pretty darn good pictures. :D

P.S. fix your link. I found the blog, but had to remove the first The link should just be Funny blog, by the way, thanks for linking to it!

di :) said...

is it a possum?
Kevin says: if I were there Annie would be following me not Jerry, haha, miss you guys.

di :) said...

ROFLMAO !!:) P&B blog comments!!!
I read a few of his(?) past blogs before I realized a man was writing these. from the K'garten pic I thought it was a woman writing, then I went back and read the comments OMG to funny. thnx

Jenn said...

Kayleigh says: Billy is silly! And also "Hi Nana!"

Karen Deborah said...

2 posts in one month! Wowzers! YEah! What a great shot of that cat leap!

Would that critter up the tree be a ratcoon?

Isn't it funny when cats act like dogs and follow somebody around? I like little dog cats. Your right Billy and Tucker do look like.

Your cabin is my dream home, so beautiful.

Kathy said...

Thanks Jenn, I think I have the link fixed.
Not a possum. Yes Kev, Annie certainly fell heads and heels in love with you.

Hi Kayleigh! Yes, Billie is silly!

Thanks KD! YES a raccoon. Better called a Ratcoon! The dogs cahsed it up the tree. We left it alone and it left on it's own soon after.

Anonymous said...

Il semble que vous soyez un expert dans ce domaine, vos remarques sont tres interessantes, merci.

- Daniel