Monday, June 23, 2008

Queensland Heeler or California Springer?

We have been guilty of encouraging Cort to chase the squirrels off our yard. Successfully evicting one big grey squirrel from our attic, we don't want to go through that again. We just tell Cort, "get the squirrel", when we see one and he does a fine job of sending them on their way. He runs them up the trees, then leaps, twists and follows them from tree to tree as they scold him loudly. Lately I have seen a small grey squirrel hanging around the oak trees in front.

I witnessed this inter-action recently, laughing at the silly squirrel and dog comedy act.
Up Cort leaps as little grey squirrel (LGS) scurries just far enough down the post to be out of reach.

As good ol' Cort begins his earth bound descent, LGS scampers back up to his perch on the fence post....

...... retreating just out of reach once again as Cort springs back into the air. My goodness Cort, what big, white teeth you have!

This little game went on and on for several minutes, up and down, down and up, back and forth.

I was starting to wonder when LGS was going to get tired of the barking, jumping, obnoxious dog and head off down the street.

LGS stopped the dog in a most unexpected manner.

He leaped off the fence post.... right into my dog's large open mouth.

Shocking me but pleasing the dog, I am sure. I dropped my camera, so have no photo to document the squirrel's suicide leap. I hollered, "DROP IT CORT!" -and he did!- I swear the dog gave me a look that loudly asked, "are you nuts? "

LGS panting, whimpering and limping, slowly climbed up the tree. Out of view and out of reach.

No more 'sicking' dog on squirrels........


Courtney said...

That is hilarious. I'm sure it was even funnier to watch!

Karen Deborah said...

Good dog, next time let him eat it!
There are plenty more where that one came from. Your dog is so SMART!! Does he have a lot of energy needs?

Karen Deborah said...

Poor Lu looks so miserable, is she hurting? Her labia are so swollen and her poor little titties, I don't think i have the fortitude for this, but she can't be spayed in heat. Can I give her something to make her feel better?

Jenn said...

Boing...boing..boing...too funny! Cort seems to be quite the character...and what a good dog to drop it when commanded. Maybe the bouncing is Cort's way of confusing the squirrel just enough to upset its sense of direction.

lov mom said...

Cort sure seems to be a very smart and obedient dog. Should have let him have his catch. Would be one less squirrel to get into attic.

Kathy said...

You all SHOCK me! Let the dog have the LGS? oh my oh my oh my. Shameful!

Karen, yes you can give her something to make her feel better...
- a boy friend - ta daa

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