Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Clowning Around

Sunday we had the annual gymkhana with our riding club. I was the coordinator and one of the judges this year. It was a beautiful day and we had a great turn out. Being the weekend before Halloween, I planned a costume class and encouraged riders to wear their costumes all day. The Trail Class had a Halloween theme and it was a hit; horses spooked more than usual and we were all quite entertained. I didn't get many pictures since I was busy trying to keep things running smoothly. Jerry won Hi Point & Runner-up Hi point for the day. He won the Trail Class on that cutie little mule Pistol. He rode both his horse and the mule in all of the events. We were dressed as rodeo clowns, I looked like a freak. I did Jerry's clown face and then he did mine.... judge for yourselves... His excuse was that he wasn't very experienced with make-up.... sheesh my face looked like a camouflaged soldier.

But I had FUN! The day was filled with laughter.

I am certain that someone will have a picture of this clown on the mule, but I didn't get one.

We had a great turn out, both riders and spectators,

I liked Cynthia's little Devil dress. She was very cute.

Janis the Indian maiden and her appy, he didn't like the rain slicker OR the flower pots by the bridge.

This construction zone required the horses to back through a caution taped curve. This was one of the few that actually did it!

NEWS FLASH! I have the NEWS on as I am posting this. I experienced an EARTHQUAKE just an hour or so ago and I didn't even realize it! My FIRST California Earthquake, I don't like that it snuck up on me like that. The house did rumble and shake, I went out with the flash light to check the trees around the yard. Nothing was out of place so I just figured a big truck must have rumbled by. Not sure why I thought of a truck, they never have rattled the house before.
Jerry is out of town for a few days, I just tried calling him but he is not answering his phone. I am sure he is in bed already.

I thought I was out of the Earthquake zone. I am not too crazy about this.....


MrsGrumpy said...

Congratulations on making it through your first earthquake. Both of my brothers live in CA and I have never been "lucky enough" to be visiting when one hits. Those horses are beautiful.

Jenn said...

We don't have earthquakes in the midwest, or out of control wildfires. *hint hint*

Looks like an excellent fun day for the gymkhana! And looks like you guys had perfect weather. Tell Jerry he need to practice with adding a little color to his make-up palette.

The Stevens Family said...

You guys looked great in your costumes.

Taylor is one of the happiest kids you'll ever meet. She always has been. Her smiles are huge and contagious, but sometimes she only wants to do goofy ones. She is a crazy girl!

lov mom said...

If you had more of those scarry guys sitting around your trail class, NO wonder most of the horses didn't want to go through them. Now really, just how many of those guys do you see sitting around any place one rides? Poor horses. Glad all had fun day. You and hubby enough to scar horses your selves.

We heard about your earthquake on TV, wonder if you guys felt it!

I felt an earthquake as a young girl, while living in Detroit, Michigan. Yes, we had an earthquakes, in Detroit, MI. My parent's thought it was us kids up stairs jumping off the beds or something. Then it come on Radio, 'NO,TVs then,' that we had an earthquake.
Plus, had an other one, many years later, when lived in Southfield, MI.
I was visiting my mother in her 14 floor apt. when it hit, unreal, thought doorwalls were going to come right out, whole building swayed. Everyone on mom's floor want out into hall. Those short minutes seemed like hours. NO damage done to building. I hope to never be in any real big damageing earthquake, little ones scarry enough.

amy said...

Recheck your geography! You's close to a nifty li'l fault line- remember the stories of the big one that hit St. Louis and made the river flow backwards? You're due for another big one soon...
And Mom experienced a quake when we lived there! I didn't feel it in school, and I was soo mad that I missed it and a few miles away mom felt it!

...and you felt so safe....


di said...

and, Jenn... aren't you in a tornado area?

Kathy said...

MrsGrumpy, what part of Cali? I am originally a Michigonian or is it Michigander?

Jenn my first earthquake was in Illinois! And read Amy and Di comments! And it just does no good discussing make-up with Jerry.

Mom, No tv, to camera phones... what a life!

MrsStevens, crazy girls are the best.